wishes and recent thoughts


roaming from one place to another… the nomadic life is quite the dreamy kind.

it is fascinating what traveling does to your mind, body, and spirit. the dreams it awakens that you long forgot about. the reasons why you seek the things you do. the inspiration it brings and the way it opens your mind and heart. the way it heals and repairs what was tired or deprived.

to me, an adventure in nature is the strongest medicine. so much beauty to put you on the edge of your seat and induce the stars in your eyes. i pretty much live to seek new things all the time.

i’ve been practicing yoga for nearly 10 years now. it has helped me with so much. it has taught me to always strive to be present. in the here and now. that is where i always want to be. that is where i want my company to be. together. happy. grateful for the moment we are in. embracing all the good and bad because life is made up of the two polar opposites and all the grey in between. 

i can’t believe it has been 8 years since i’ve moved to san diego. time flies. i’ve found countless gems along the way. so much struggle being on your own. sometimes i don’t know how to explain it to others that have not walked the same path. they don’t really get it when i try because most of them never had to live without the things they loved the most. 8 years… the things i’ve missed out on with my own family. the guilt. the homesickness. it all hits you when you settle down from the busy life. most days are good but it always sits there in the back of the mind where i’ve pushed it in order to carry along with personal goals. nowadays, it sits on the forefront. leaving me wondering what the next chapter will be like. how will i rebuild my life now that i have my own family to plan for? can i continue doing this on my own or am i too burnt out? can someone move to california to keep me sane? just some recent thoughts.

everyone is growing old. i just want to be a better sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, niece, wife, and granddaughter. how do i do that from hundreds of miles away? sometimes i dream about living near all of our cousins and raising our littles together. wouldn’t that be grand?


Forever Home Sweet Home 

Dear Home Sweet Home,

I’ve known you for 3 years. Even if the best is yet to come, I can barely bring myself to say goodbye to this part of town. I could stay here forever and ever. You have diversity, the best mex burritos, homestyle indian, authentic thai, hakata ramen, best holiday lights on Garrison, Liberty station, everything I’d ever need so close by without a ton of traffic, a huge resort style backyard, my fave floor to ceiling windows, and charming nooks and crannies all over town.

You, my dear, are the first true home we have built together in all the years we’ve lived in SD. Just the 3 of us.

You were always so so so good to me even when everything else was not….With all things consided I guess that is why I’m holding on so tight to this.  It is really hard to find grace and beauty when life gets rough. I suppose I always manage.

All I can say now is the next place has some giant shoes to fill!


28th Trip Around the Sun

A lot can happen in one year.

Before celebrating my new age, I wanted to look back and celebrate a very memorable 27th trip around the sun with this small highlight reel…


Every year I leave the office a little early to catch the sunset on my birthday. To celebrate my 28th, my husband took me to Market in Del Mar, our favorite birthday celebration spot. The food was beyond amazing & unforgettable. He knew all I really wanted for my birthday this year was something low-key and relaxed. After being so fortunate to celebrate a wedding and bachelorette this year (and many other wedding related parties) it only felt right to keep it a quiet, simple celebration. He surprised me with a massage appointment in Birdrock yesterday. We went to December Nights at Balboa Park and tried Colombian food for the first time. It was amazing! My co-workers hilariously surprised me with a delicious cake, balloons, and gifts…they are the sweetest! My dear nephews called me to wish me a hbd and I tried not to cry because I miss them so much it hurts. I hope now that life has settled down a bit, we can find a way to spend more birthdays in the same city.

Overall, it was the a wonderful birthday and year 27 was such a beautiful (& lets be real, the most exhausting!!) year. When I started a blog, Awe-Full Beautiful Life when I was 17, I always knew that was the life I would seek but I never knew how far it could go…life is truly stunning if you chase it’s beauty!

I feel blessed to have everyone in my life. Thank you so much for all the warm wishes. I think 28 will be pretty awesome. I will now leave you with the “kick off” to this new adventure, my bday weekend: http://flipagram.com/f/NBathNrnSm



A slice of heaven…

That one time we lived here. For a whole week. Naturally waking up to sunrises and falling asleep after the best sunsets. Deeply breathing in the salty, wild air and listening to waves crash right outside our bedroom window. Refreshed and restored as a new chapter began…


(The first photo was our last sunset in our room and the 2nd photo was taken when we first arrived.)

Maui, July 2014. The Honeymoon.


Happy Newlyweds!


It has been a little over 3 weeks since our wedding on 7.17.14. Photos and videography are still in processing so we will post soon. It was the craziest week ever. 8 months of planning and using ever hour of free time to make a million decisions, researching, emailing, designing, customizing, stressing, coping, forcing relaxation, etc, etc….. and it all turned out purely amazing.

The weather was absolutely perfect and the seaside venue was bright, sunny, ocean glistening, waves crashing, and just….gorgeous. Our guests were blown away by the La Jolla scenery and loved the french style seafood and drinks. They all danced all night long and had the time of their lives. My dress shimmered all night and communicated what I felt inside. Our bridal party looked more stunning than ever… and that is truly and understatement, they took my breath away. EVERYONE had a wedding glow. My husband cried when he first saw me walking down the aisle, it was adorable. Our friends brewed a special beer for our wedding and it was a huge hit… many said it was the best beer they ever had. Our coordination team was on point and so amazing to work with. Our DJ kept everyone on the dance floor all night long and we all shut the place down. The sunset was so beautiful and we had black and white striped beach mats on the lawn for people to take in the sunset while LED white beach balls lit up the night. Our cake was stunning and completely brilliant… modern, minimal, black and white anemones and ranunculus with gold brush strokes in ikat. Our bridal party had a hilarious and very unique dance intro into the reception, it made me laugh and I will never forget it. The kids had the time of their lives eating, giggling, and dancing with light sticks all night.

My husband loved my wedding dress so much and said it was the prettiest dress he has seriously ever seen. Our parents rocked our custom wedding sunglasses and went wild in the photo booth. I know I am gushing and going on and on but it seriously was the best day ever. To be surrounded by your beloved family and long time friends in celebration… it is truly a special honor and privilege.

The ceremony feel so surreal. Like a perfect vision in a dream. Almost too perfect that it barely felt real. Felt like I was floating through everything. Like my body was not connected to my mind because my spirit was uplifted so high by all the happiness around and within me. We were so blessed for this day. So blessed by the family members that helped us make this happen. I’m hanging on so tightly to this wedded bliss and honeymoon stage. I did not expect anything or thought it would feel that different after 7 years with him… but it does. It feels very new and fresh.. like our biggest and best chapter has just begun…and he is the most handsome and sweet hearted guy to embark on this adventure with. Coming up…. details about our Maui honey moon…!


An NYC Fall Engagement Adventure


Fun times in my favorite city… I miss it. Let’s go back!
Her Coat: Zara Winter 2012, Scarf: Anthropologie(past season), Ring: Custom design by Sid / His Coat: Banana Republic Winter 2012 / Images by Sid, Oct-Nov 2012